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General Info

This is a suite of tools to deal with firmware update files for the gen6, gen7, gen8 ,gen9 and gen10 family of product. It will allow you to verify, decrypt, unpack and then put back together .aos containers. Additionally, it will deal with (verify and parse) various files often found inside these .aos containers, like segments of flash memory and cramfs files. Original aos-tools can be found this only supports until gen7. Since it is not longer maintained there is an uptodate git available at github from trevd on xda see

Building aos-tools from github

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev   #(if you have not already done it)
sudo apt-get install subversion   #(if you have not already done it)

git clone aos-tools
cd aos-tools/libaos
cd ../tools
sudo cp aos-unpack /usr/local/bin/

Unpacking the firmware

aos-unpack //.aos

For example:

aos-unpack ~/Downloads/firmware_archos_android_gen8.aos

A new directory with the firmware name (in our example firmware_archos_android_gen8) is created in the directory in which you run the command from. In this directory are the extracted files.