Please report working/tested Ångström packages here.
Please also note that those packages are completely provided by the Ångström/OE feeds. This entails that there are two categories of issues that can arise:

  • generic bugs in the software (doesn't work as expected on any device running Ångström)
    • reports should go here:
  • openAOS specific problems (only doesn't work on Archos devices running openAOS/Ångström)

package-name version status remarks date of last edit
example 0.23.5 100% works perfectly, no glitches whatsoever 2010-02-21
example2 0.42.3 50% lower part of window missing, also it's very slow 2010-02-21
numptyphysics 0.2+svnr109-r1.1 100% Pulled from 2010-02-21
x11vnc 0.9.4-r0.1 100% Cannot start via an SSH shell, must open a terminal and launch (append a '&' to make it last beyond the terminal) or install angstrom-x11vnc-xinit) 2010-02-21
claws-mail (IMAP client) 3.6.1-r1.1 100% 2010-02-21
pidgin instant messenger 2.5.3-r0.1 90% crashes when opening 'about' page 2010-02-22
gparted 0.4.1 100% 2010-02-22
vim 7.0-r1.1 100% 2010-03-02
TangoGPS 0.9.6-r2 75% Pulled from -- installation requires "force -depends-" GPS function can't work (yet), but download/cache maps function as well as all other functions work. 2010-03-03
angstrom-x11vnc-xinit 1.0-r0.1 100% must manually enable wifi, but once that is done the vnc session is available automatically 2010-03-03
tightvnc-viewer 1.3.9-r2.1 99% Must also install a missing dependency: font-misc-misc; no desktop file created 2010-03-03
Enlightenment17 (e-wm) 99% Completely Compatible (dependency "efreet" encounters CRC error but installs anyhow) -- MUST INSTALL at least 1 profile (install 'e-wm-config-angstrom'), although all profiles (e-wm-config-****) work -- Battery gadget doesn't read correctly, also doesn't show when unit is plugged in. -- CPU Freq module reads "500" at all times. 2010-03-09
Woosh (Internet Browser) 0.1-r0 100% Known dependency libwebkit-0.1-1 -- armv4 binary, but works 100%, and fast. Only 14% mem. usage -- 2010-05-05