How to create a usable ticket for the developers

Pretty please, before reporting an issue: search for it and check if somebody did report it already you could then add your findings to the existing ticket if necessary.

If you didn't find the issue in our tracker yet please report it, following the guidelines described below!

Important things to remember:

  1.  --> Please include your email address! This way you'll receive updates about the ticket status. (The system will only show the part before the @ - so it won't get crawled by spammers)
  1. --> Summary:
    A sentence which summarizes the problem. Please be descriptive and use lots of keywords.
    Bad example: browser crashed
    Good example: Midori crashes if I close the window while loading a page
  1. --> Description:
    Expand on the Summary. Please be as specific as possible about what is wrong.
    Bad example: WiFi doesn't work. You suck!
    Good example: When I try to connect To my WiFi access point I do seem to get an IP address but if I launch Midori it won't open any web pages just says "Not found - http://..."

    • Steps to Reproduce 1. 2. 3.
      Describe how to reproduce the problem, step by step. Include any special setup steps.
    • Actual Results
      What happened after you performed the steps above?
    • Expected Results
      What should the software have done instead?
    • Additional Information
      e.g. which build number are you running?
  1. --> Type:
    • defect - Something looks like it should work but it doesn't. (WiFi Interface is there but the button to turn it on does nothing for you)
    • enhancement - This is simply not there yet but it would be great if somebody would make this work. (There is no WiFi interface yet, but oh would it be nice to have one!)
    • task - currently not in general use.
  1. --> Priority:
    • blocker - Bugs that crashes the entire system, cause reboot, or cause loss of data.
    • critical - Bugs that cause the system to stop responding to touch or key input.
    • major - Bugs that will cause great impact on the overall usability.
    • minor - Bugs that will cause only a mild impact on the overall usability.
    • trivial - For example Typos in text or translations.
  1. --> Component:
    Which part of openAOS does this concern? For example Cyangenmod (CM7 release) choose Android 2.3
  1. --> Keywords:
    Please add some keywords about the issue here so it is easier to find by others.
  1. --> Add files attachments for example logcat output or kernel messages.

Thanks for helping us to make openAOS better!