What openAOS is not:

First of all this is not AVOS - aka the original Archos firmware. Seriously it isn't. You can still run it but Angstrom doesn't want to implement all the features of the Archos firmware. The Archos firmware does media playback and it does an good job at it.

This software is not ready for prime time yet. There are lots of bugs and issues that need to be ironed out. Many we know already but if you find a new one we'd like to know. Another aspect is that for now every time we have a new test build you will loose all the packages you might have installed within Angstrom.

Please note that if you use openAOS ROMs:

  • You will likely run into bugs (please file them if they are not already)
  • Some hardware accelerations won't work correctly/at all
  • General speed and stability cannot be guaranteed
  • Technical things™ may happen

What openAOS is:

It is a community effort of porting Linux distros, including Angstrom, Android, Debian and others, to the Archos devices ranging from gen6 to gen8 (gen9 may come someday).

Once you've taken all of this in account, you can read the "Getting Started" section.