The openAOS Android project (ArchDruid)

This is an open effort to bring up to date Android to gen8 (A28, A32, A43, A70, A101) and gen7 (A5IT/A48) Archos devices. We are currently basing on  Cyanogenmod.

Please use this page to document overall progress and feel free to create new pages (preferably starting with 'Android…' so like AndroidFooBar )

List of people currently working on Android

  • BuBU (gen8/gen7)
  • dm8tbr (only moral support and general openAOS help)
  • divx118 (gen8)
  • illifant (gen7)
  • wewewi (gen7)

List of people who helped at some point on Android development for Archos devices

  • Gr8K
  • Gaap
  •  AlSutton
  • andoreas
  • janis605 (OpenAOS bootanimation)
  • Ian58 (tester and some help like install dual-boot)
  • and many others subscribed to the openaos-android mailing list (see below!)

online chat

On IRC we currently meet on the #openaos channel on Freenode (redirecting to #openpma). Details and WebChat see here:


There is a mailing list you can subscribe to:

Build and install Android on your device:

If you want to try, test and contribute to our effort, follow these instructions :

openAOS release specific pages

Anoa (no specific content available)

Known issues for:

Froyo on gen7: Known Issues

Cyanogenmod gen7/8: Known Issues

Index of android wiki pages

Links / Useful References

  •  EiNSTeiN's Page about Gen6 Archos devices - Flashing Information, Other HOW-TOs. Especially some of the technical information also applies also to Gen7 devices. Flashing does not apply.
  •  Code review Cyanogenmod
  •  Wiki Cyanogenmod
  •  Android gingerbread 2.3.4 TI porting guides
  •  Android gingerbread 2.3.4 TI User guide

Recent Android wiki additions/changes:





  • Android:Bull:ReleaseNotes (diff)
  • Android:Bull