Touch screen

The touch panel controller on the A5 is an ADS784x device. The OMAP kernel takes input from this device and presents it as a character device, which will probably be at /dev/input/toucscreen0 if you're using udev. The device is handled by the tslib library, which is wrapped for Xorg by the driver module. The touch panel bounces horribly, and the standard driver is unusable for serious work in X. See debouncing the touch panel for a quick and dirty fix.

SDE Enhancement

The initial calibration values for the touch-screen provided by the SDE may not be sufficient for some installations. Poor or mis-calibrated touch-screens can be corrected by installing the tslib-calibrate package and running the ts_calibrate command. This will blank the LCD screen and provide instructions on how to calibrate the touch-screen. Once completed, the touch-screen will be much more accurate and responsive.

NOTE: It appears the ts_calibrate command will cause the X server to crash or at least restart. The user will be presented with the login screen and will need to login again.