Making a splash image to place in the initramfs

for Gen6

See  here.

for Gen8

Creation of the image is the same as for gen6 see
For gen8 we have 6 different resolutions:

- 1024x600 pixels A101IT

- 800x480 pixels A70IT

- 480x854 pixels A43IT

- 240x400 pixels A32IT

- 240x320 pixels A28IT

- 272x480 pixels A35

The splash files are named with a prefix "boot-image-" and then the resolution. For example the A101IT is "boot-image-1024x600".

Create a new splash screen in for example Gimp. Set the size of the image according to your device resolution. In this example we take the A101IT. When creating the new image set the background to transparent and choose width: 1024 height: 600. Be creative on your canvas, and when you are done flip your image vertical so it will be displayed correctly on your archos screen. Save the image as windows BMP image and be sure that in the advance options "32 bits A8 R8 G8 B8" is checked. Now we only need to remove the 54 bytes bmp header and gzip it.

$ dd if=logo.bmp of=i1024x600 bs=54 skip=1
$ gzip -9 i1024x600
$ mv i1024x600 boot-image-1024x600