Enabling the accelerometer (does not work yet)

  1. from the extracted archos firmware copy the following files to your froyo image:
    • /system/lib/hw/sensors.archos.so to /system/lib/hw/
    • /system/lib/libshm.so to /system/lib/
    • /lib/modules/mma7456l.ko to /lib/modules/ (this is GPL code, the source is provided by archos)
  2. add the following lines to your /init.rc in your froyo image (before the "on boot" line)

    mkdir /dev/shm
    mount tmpfs tmpfs /dev/shm

    insmod /lib/modules/mma7456l.ko 


  • kernel driver gets initialized, the userspace driver creates /dev/shm/sensors
  • We receive no events from the kernel /dev/input/event3 device, if we dont setup /dev/accel_ctrl via ioctls device
  • the original driver from archos seems to be incompatible when using with froyo.


  • when building froyo, do we have to specify that we actually HAVE an accelerometer somewhere?
  • if so, is sensors.archos.so really incompatible with froyo?