Build the Android sources

Just go to the source directory and make:

$ cd /usr/src/android/mydroid
$ . build/ 
$ lunch a5it-userdebug
$ make -j4

The build process should go until it shows:

Install system fs image: out/target/product/gen7/system.img
Installed file list: out/target/product/gen7/installed-files.txt

Create your image

The Android 2.2 port for A5IT use the OpenAOS multiroot facility. The Android image will system in an ext3 image

Create and mount an ext3 image

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/usr/src/android/rootfsfroyo.img bs=1M count=128
$ mke2fs -j /usr/src/android/rootfsfroyo.img
$ mkdir /usr/src/android/rootfs
$ sudo mount -o loop /usr/src/android/rootfsfroyo.img /usr/src/android/rootfs

Copy the build output to your image

$ cd /usr/src/android/mydroid/out/target/product/gen7/root
$ tar cf - . | ( cd /usr/src/android/rootfs ; tar xfBp -)
$ cd ../system
$ tar cf - . | ( cd /usr/src/android/rootfs/system ; tar xfBp -)

Add the SGX libraries

To do this you need to get and install the omap android sdk as mentioned .

$ cd [OMAP_ANDROID_SDK_DIRECTORY]/gfx_rel_es3.x_android
$ DISCIMAGE=/usr/src/android/rootfs ./

You only need to do this once for each image you create. Once you've done it once you can copy new builds into the same image file.

Change the ownership of the image files and unmount the image

$ sudo chown -R root:root /usr/src/android/rootfs/.
$ sudo umount /usr/src/android/rootfs 

Put the system image on your device

First, you should reboot your device using recovery mode, then choose from the Developer Edition Menu the option Acess HDD using a PC and connect your device on a USB port of your computer.

Once the disk of the Archos is mounted on your system, copy the image to it

$ cp /usr/src/android/rootfsfroyo.img /media/ARCHOS

Set up menu.lst

The menu.lst file at the root of the archos disk should contain teh following line to boot your image


Once it is set, you can umount the Archos and reboot you !