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16:40 Ticket #51 (request for filesystem with more inodes) created by Spz0
Im not sure what to list this as, so change it from "defect" if thats not …
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12:03 ResizingSDEPartition created by chebuzz


16:32 Ticket #50 (input mgr icon sometimes doesn't show up on taskbar on system load) created by Spz0
the input manager icon sometimes doesn't show on the taskbar when angstrom …
15:59 WorkingPackages edited by Kirk
13:01 Ticket #48 (screen will not turn on post-standby) closed by dm8tbr
duplicate: Sounds like a dupe of #47. If you don't have an Archos7 aka G6L please …


18:29 Ticket #49 (Dual boot resets my AVOS time to GMT-0 on reboot) created by Spz0
Every time I restart my A5 and go into AVOS, the timestamp is set to …
18:26 Ticket #48 (screen will not turn on post-standby) created by Spz0
When my unit is in standby, and I press the power button to wake up my …


06:09 Ticket #47 (LCD backlight off after suspend / ArchosHelper crashes - on G6L (Archos7)) created by dm8tbr
After suspend on G6L units (not sure if on all units, but I know of 3) …


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18:59 Java created by rsksmiles
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22:03 Ticket #46 (angstrom halts on boot screen (progress bar almost complete)) created by dm8tbr
several people have reported this. Need to get hold of an affected …
18:18 Ticket #44 (Add sliding menus/bars) closed by dm8tbr
worksforme: * tap the taskbar * click hide * ... * profit!
18:13 Ticket #45 (blank window frames in midori) closed by dm8tbr
wontfix: if that is in the browser please report upstream
17:12 Ticket #45 (blank window frames in midori) created by subliminal
some items that popup in midori cause blank window frames to draw onscreen …
17:02 Ticket #44 (Add sliding menus/bars) created by subliminal
replace or modify taskbar to have the ability to slide the bar up onto …
16:43 Ticket #43 (vkbd loses focus and no longer displays) created by subliminal
Occassionaly losses focus in midori and no longer displays when called …
15:41 Ticket #42 (enable ticket comments for trac) closed by dm8tbr
fixed: done resofixed, verified
15:28 Ticket #41 (fix metadata on tickets #36 #37 #38 #39 #40) closed by dm8tbr
fixed: done
15:27 Ticket #36 (Some improvements (larger buttons/user friendly features)) closed by dm8tbr
duplicate: closing this ticket as it has been broken up into several new tickets to …


18:06 Ticket #42 (enable ticket comments for trac) created by dm8tbr
enable ticket comments for anonymous users in trac
18:03 Ticket #41 (fix metadata on tickets #36 #37 #38 #39 #40) created by dm8tbr
fix metadata on tickets #36 #37 #38 #39 #40
13:55 Ticket #40 (desktop - Pages versus scrolling) created by Subliminal
jboekhoven@... - " The scroll arrows on the desktop (top right corner) …
13:53 Ticket #39 (gpe desktop "Back to previous directory") created by Subliminal
jboekhoven@... - "Noticed that when browsing folders with a lot of files …
13:30 Ticket #38 ([Archos-helper] Volume changes and settings are not persistant) created by Subliminal
When enabling the speaker in archos-helper, and adjusting volume in …
13:23 Ticket #37 (battery info (remaining power) incorrect) created by Subliminal
SDE reported there was only 20 minutes of battery power left, however, …


19:31 Ticket #36 (Some improvements (larger buttons/user friendly features)) created by jboekhoven@…
The operating env. is great, and somewhat customizable. But the operator …
19:06 Ticket #35 (bootmenu timer improvement) created by jboekhoven@…
It'd be nice to see a customizable countdown timer on the bootscreen. …
18:26 Ticket #34 (Running Pidgin from the RAM) created by advaitkunte@…
I have been using Pidgin, Very useful. Is it possible to make the pidgin …
18:21 Ticket #33 (Sound does not work after suspending) created by advaitkunte@…
After the unit has been suspended and resumed and if Archos is opened and …
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Fixed GTK headers include and lib directories for archos-helper-gui
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Fixed URL for desktop-file-utils
17:31 IssueTracking created by dm8tbr
initial content
16:50 UsersGetStarted created by dm8tbr
initial content
16:44 ThisIsNotAVOS created by dm8tbr
initial content
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rework, users and gen7 (diff)


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I added to step 2. Problems that I had with the setup. (diff)
19:22 Ticket #32 (need kernel with kexec for better system resource utilization) created by dm8tbr
currently we cut down RAM to 88M by creating an ramdisk (avos needs this) …
17:02 Ticket #31 (set up a repository so users can install updates without replacing root-fs) created by dm8tbr
provide all overlay packages etc so that opkg or the GUI frontend can be …
10:26 Ticket #20 (There is no mouse cursor) closed by kevin
worksforme: archos-helper-gui now provides a way to switch cursor on and off. …


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clarified partition just in case (diff)


21:41 Ticket #30 (mplayer needs to be preset to "vo=x11" for now) created by dm8tbr
xv doesn't work and there has now work begun on bringing any overlay …
17:41 Ticket #29 (Read and apply Archos MAC address for WiFi card) created by dm8tbr
Currently we use the Marvel internal MAC. Archos use their own but they …
13:24 Changeset [200] by chebuzz
Add auto-gunzipping to allow for comprossed rootfs files (and consequently …
08:56 Changeset [199] by kevin
Made /mnt_data rwx all users


20:46 Ticket #28 (/mnt_data is mounted as root) created by kevin
/mnt_data is mounted by the initramfs, which does not know about users. It …


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